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Solar System ™

Color Matching for Any Rooftop

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The Invisible Solar System ™

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Suntopia

Invisible solar system

Invisible Solar System

Color matching for any rooftop

Combining matching colors with a custom shape while maximizing allroof areas provides a solar systemthat is in many cases, invisible.

Invisible solar system

No Utility Cost

Save on Electric Bills

The Sun’s energy is FREE! Much lower set up costs and a longer operating life. The solar collectors are the only pool heating system that actually paysfor itself over time.

Invisible solar system

15-Year Warranty

For all our Components

Suntopia provides a full 15-year manufacturer warranty for allSuntopia components.

Invisible solar system

Maximum Coverage

For any rooftop

The flexibility of the Suntopia system uniquely allows all available roof area to be fully utilized.

Invisible solar system

Zero Roof Penetrations

Unlike other solar systems

Suntopia has zero roof penetrations into the membrane of a tile roof. For other roof types, Suntopia has the fewest number of attachments, as little as 3.

Invisible solar system

Years of Experience

Attested by Client Testimonials

Not only is Suntopia the manufacturer, we also install the product using the most experienced, trained installers.

Invisible solar system

No Winterization

Self-Draining System

Suntopia solar requires no winterization. The system is self- -draining each time the pool has reached the desired temperatureor the sun is not able to heat.

Invisible solar system

Run on Demand

Only when you need

The Suntopia system is installed and configured so that it runs on demand. No need to run your filtration pump for the entire day even if solar is not required.

Welcome to Suntopia,

bringing you the latest in solar pool
heating technology.

Suntopia’s passion for new ideas and better technology has seen it constantly advance the engineering of solar pool heating. More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and are looking for better ways to heat the pool using natural resources and minimize the impact on our Mother Earth.

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Excelent, 5/5

Waiting for John Haley to make a small installation change. Entire process from bid to installation was excellent.

Glen D.

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Excelent, 5/5

This was a most excellent experience.It was our first installation of solar.Both the owner and his co-workers were extremely polite and a pleasure.

Chuck L.

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Very good, 4/5

(...) We selected Suntopia because of the roof complexity and the limited roof space available but will surely recommend them.

Hadi B.

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